IGFA amends rules for fish fighting, line strength measurement

IGFA amends rules for fish fighting, line strength measurement

Anglers hoping to set a world fishing record, take note.

The International Game Fish Association’s board of trustees recently approved changes to the IGFA’s angling rules and world record requirements.

Two key changes take effect April 1, 2017.

First, a bystander can touch or briefly hold an angler to prevent him or her from falling. But the catch is disqualified if someone holds or touches the angler “in a manner that assists them in fighting the fish or takes pressure off the angler.”

The second change pertains to backing attached to fishing line. The old (and often-contested) rule stated the catch would be classified under the heaviest line strength on the reel.

The new line and backing rule says the catch will be classified under the breaking strength of “the first 16.5 feet (5 meters) of line directly preceding the double line, leader or hook.”

For details, go to www.igfa.org. (Click on Fish and pull down to International Angling Rules).



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