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August 2016

Photo of the month August 2016
Danielle Bubb of Fort Wayne, Indiana, caught and released this 42-inch snook while fishing around docks at night with Capt. Patrick Smith of Swamp to Sea Guide Service in Lantana. This big snook hit a small white jig – a quarter-ounce Gulfstream Flats Jig fished on a spinning rod rigged with 10-pound braided line and 20-pound leader. After Smith submitted a photo of Bubb with her snook, she won Gulfstream’s Photo of the Month contest for August.

July 2016

Photo of the month July 2016

Tommy Twyford,of North Palm Beach, caught this blackfin tuna by trolling a red-and-white Gulfstream Flash Minnow jig well behind the boat, using it like a tuna dart. Twyford has been trolling half-ounce Flash Minnow jigs about 150 yards behind the boat at 8 knots off Palm Beach to catch blackfins. Drew Christy shot the photo of Twyford with this tuna, which was submitted to win Gulfstream’s Photo of the Month contest for July.

June 2016

Photo of the month June 2016
Jean Nguyen of Canada (seated at right in the photo) caught a 12-pound kingfish by simply dropping a half-ounce Gulfstream Flash Minnow jig into the ocean and “jigging” it.

Nguyen was using the chartreuse-and-white jig to catch small blackfin tuna in 200 feet of water off Palm Beach in late June when a toothy fish cut his leader. After tying on another Flash Minnow jig with 50-pound leader, Nguyen hooked the kingfish.

Max Howard (at left in the photo) gaffed the fish. Nguyen submitted the photo of his kingfish to win Gulfstream’s Photo of the Month contest for June.

May 2016

Photo of the month May 2016
Benny DeBowe of Lantana caught this 18-pound dolphin on a Gulfstream Flash Minnow jig while fishing off Palm Beach in late April.
DeBowe was drifting with live sardines when he noticed a fish pushing up schools of small flying fish and attracting the attention of a swooping a frigate bird.
The feeding frenzy was moving around too much for a live-bait presentation, so DeBowe picked up a spinning rod and cast the half-ounce Flash Minnow jig (green and chartreuse in color) to the dolphin and hooked up within a few seconds.
DeBowe submitted a photo of his catch to win Gulfstream’s Photo of the Month contest for May.

April 2016

Photo of the month April 2016

Joseph Lovins of Pembroke Pines caught this big Snook near a bridge piling in Stuart while fishing at night with his friend, Baylor Bullock.

They were fishing on an incoming tide in late March when Baylor pulled his boat up to a piling along one of Stuart’s causeway bridges. 

Joseph pitched a 2-ounce Skimmer Flair Hawk with a chartreuse and red tail near the piling using an 8-foot, 6-inch rod holding 80-pound braided line and 100-pound mono leader.

Joseph said the Snook, measuring an estimated 44 inches, hit the jig on his first cast.

“As soon as it hit the bottom, I made the first two cranks and THUMP,” Joseph said.

Joseph submitted a photo of his big Snook to win Gulfstream Lures’ Photo of the Month contest for April.

March 2016

Photo of the month March 2016

C.J. LaFauci of Cape Coral worked an 8-ounce Gulfstream Deep Jig off the bottom to catch this nice cobia about 54 miles off Sanibel.
LaFauci said the cobia followed the pink-and-white jig to the surface during a February fishing trip.
He was fishing in 130 feet of water with a Sewell custom jigging rod fitted with a Shimano 8000 spinning reel holding 40-pound-test braided line.
 He watched the cobia “crush” the jig near the boat.
“He ate it under my feet,” LaFauci said.
LaFauci submitted the photo of his cobia to win Gulfstream’s Photo of the Month contest for March.

February 2016

Photo of the month February 2016

Anglers fishing with Capt. R.J. Torsey on the Gin Clear charter boat caught a 20-pound dolphin while trolling ballyhoo rigged with a flashy Gulfstream Flash Witch.

The Gin Clear crew was fishing in about 450 feet of water south of Lake Worth Inlet, about 5 miles off the coast of Palm Beach, when the bull dolphin hit.
The Gin Clear crew finished the mid-December day by releasing a 7-foot, 10-inch sailfish.
Captain Torsey, who keeps the 38-foot Gin Clear at Lake Park Harbor Marina, submitted the mahi mahi photo to win Gulfstream’s Photo of the Month contest for February.

January 2016

Photo of the month January 2016

Ryan Izquierdo had been fishing for hours at a spillway in Miami, trying to catch a Snook using live Mayan cichlids.

The 17-year-old angler from Palm Beach Gardens decided to try a different approach, so he tied on a 2-ounce Gulfstream Pro Flair Hawk jig.

Eight casts later, the Snook Ryan was looking for fell for the jig.

“I was working it on the bottom, real slow,” Ryan said. “After five or six seconds, I got thumped.”

The fight was on, and this Snook wasn’t taking orders. Fishing with 30-pound braided line and 60-pound fluorocarbon leader, Ryan realized the fish was headed into the spillway gates, where it might break off.

So he locked his drag and turned the Snook’s head and before long it was on the surface.

Ryan didn’t have time to measure his Snook before releasing it, but based on a quick comparison against his fishing rod, he estimated its length at 42 inches.

“It was a really nice fish,” Ryan said. 

“This was my first time fishing Gulfstream,” Ryan said. “I am now hooked on Gulfstream jigs.”

Ryan’s Snook photo won Gulfstream’s photo-of-the-month contest for January. 

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