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Photo Contest Rules & Regulations

  1. Submit a photo of you, a friend or family member with a fish caught using a Gulfstream lure. Please include a brief
    description of the catch, including the jig or lure used, the species of fish, where it was caught and other details of
    interest, such as the duration of the fight.
  2. To submit a photo, go to our Contact us page and choose "Photo Contest Entries" under Subject Heading. Leave
    a description, time and place of your photo in the Message section.
  3. After photos are submitted, they are the property of Gulfstream Lures to use on their website or catalog.
  4. Once a month, Gulfstream’s web team will choose one winner who will receive a free Gulfstream T-shirt and hat.
    The monthly winner will be notified by the 15th day of the following month.
  5. Gulfstream Lures is not responsible for any photos that have upload problems or do not reach our inbox.
  6. Gulfstream Lures reserves the right to exclude from the monthly contest any photos showing competitive fishing
    company logos, such as hats and T-shirts.
  7. All decisions on winning photos are determined by Gulfstream Lures and are final.
  8. Gulfstream Lures employees and their families are not eligible to enter the photo contest.
  9. Click Here to view previous winners.

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