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December 2015

Gulfstream Lures December Photo Winner

Capt. J.D. Hiers of Marathon recently discovered that Gulfstream jigs catch some really big critters.

Fishing at night from a bridge, J.D. cast a Flair Hawk with an orange head and chartreuse/red tail into a 12-foot-deep channel (somewhere in the Marathon area) and let it bump the bottom as the jig moved in the current.

"All of a sudden, I hit something and thought, ‘Man, this is a school bus,’ '' J.D. said.

Using a Penn spinning rod rigged with 50-pound braided line and 50-pound leader, J.D. eventually brought to the channel bank a goliath grouper he estimated at 300 pounds.

“He was way bigger than my waist,” J.D. said. “I could not get my arms around it.”

The protected grouper stayed in the water while J.D. and his friends snapped a few photos. Then they released it, as required by law. 

The photo of J.D.’s goliath grouper won Gulfstream’s photo-of-the-month contest for December.

November 2015

Gulfstream Lures November Photo Winner

Baylor Bullock caught a “doormat” flounder weighing about 7 pounds while fishing for snook from the Stuart Causeway.
He was fishing at night on an outgoing tide for big snook using 100-pound braided line tied to 100-pound leader.

He cast out a 2-ounce Gulfstream Skimmer Flair Hawk jig (orange head with a red-and-white tail), let it sink to the bottom and reeled it steadily, pausing now and then, to catch the big flounder.
“That’s how the snook like it,” he said.
Baylor submitted a photo of his flounder to win Gulfstream’s Photo of the Month contest for November.

October 2015

Gulfstream Lures October Photo Winner

C.J. LaFauci of Cape Coral caught this 26-pound red grouper by working a custom-color Gulfstream Flair Hawk over natural bottom in 140 feet of water about 45 miles off Sanibel. LaFauci let the 1.5-ounce Flair Hawk hit bottom and jigged it on 40-pound braided line rigged with 50-pound leader to trigger the strike, then held on tight. His 1.5-ounce Flair Hawk has an orange head over a purple and black skirt. The photo of his catch won Gulfstream’s Photo of the Month contest for October.


September 2015

Gulfstream Lures September Photo Winner

Ken Seymour of Tampa shows one of seven Snook he released recently by pitching a 1-ounce Gulfstream Skimmer Jig into a strong outgoing tide at Hurricane Pass near Dunedin. Seymour said the red-headed jig with a chartreuse body was tied to 20-pound fluorocarbon leader. He bounced it along the bottom with the tidal flow. He actually hooked 14 fish on the jig and landed seven. “Every fifth or eighth cast, I had a Snook,” said Seymour, winner of Gulfstream’s Photo of the Month contest for September.


August 2015

Gulfstream Lures August Photo Winner

Logan Jaime, left, of West Palm Beach shows the 11-pound tripletail that hit a pink Gulfstream Skimmer Jig cast near an abandoned boat in 800 feet of water off Palm Beach County. Max Howard, right, holds a smaller tripletail that hit a ballyhoo trolled by the boat. Nobody was aboard the drifting boat, which had been spray painted with the letters "OK."


July 2015

Gulfstream Lures
Eddie Twyford of North Palm Beach, background, caught this 8-pound kingfish on a Gulfstream Flash Minnow jig while fishing for snapper off Palm Beach. He tipped the jig with a dead pilchard and was dropping it toward the bottom when the kingfish hit. Eddie credits the long shank of the jig for his ability to catch a toothy kingfish on light 20-pound leader – and his brother Tommy (foreground) for getting his kingfish in the boat without a gaff.

June 2015

Mike Tucker of Lake Clarke Shores caught and released this 42-inch snook on a quarter-ounce Gulfstream Pea Hawk jig -- pink head with a chartreuse-and-white tail. Tucker was fishing around the high tide at night on Palm Beach. He also released a 39-inch snook caught on the Pea Hawk. 

May 2015

Brad Morton was having no luck using bait for dolphin, so he dropped down a 2-ounce Gulfstream Pro Flairhawk and hooked up. His colorful photo won Gulfstream's monthly photo contest.

April 2015

Miguel Martinez of Miami released this 44-inch snook in early April while fishing at night from a Miami bridge. He cast an orange-and-white, 2-ounce Flair Hawk upcurrent and “slow rolled” it along the bottom as it moved with the current. The snook hit around the bridge shadow line.
“As I set the hook, I knew it was a big fish,” Martinez said. I played it out, and then it started swimming towards me. I knew I might be in trouble if it got to the other side of the bridge, but how do you stop a freight train?”
Martinez watched as the fish swam under the bridge, stripping line from his reel.
“I tightened my drag and started putting in some serious work. Finally, the fish came up.”

March 2015


Roger Sizemore of Homestead caught and released this 26-inch gag grouper by casting a 3/8-ounce Flair Hawk jig with an orange head and red-and-white body into the current and working it along bridge pilings at Jewfish Creek in Key Largo. Sizemore coated the jig hair with Pro-Cure oil to help attract fish at night.

Feburary 2015

Red Fish

Louie Stamatakos of Jupiter caught and released this 42-inch redfish from the jetty at Sebastain Inlet using a Gulfstream Flair Hawk jig. Stamatakos likes throwing a Flair Hawk with an orange head and a chartreuse-and-red skirt to trigger reaction bites from redfish in cloudy water. 

January 2015

Peacock Bass

Michael Mosquera caught this beautiful peacock bass on a Gulfstream Pea-Hawk and received a Gulfstream T-shirt for submitting a photo of his catch.

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