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March 2017

Photo of the month March 2017

Angler uses Skimmer Jig to catch pompano in Boca Grande

A well-placed Gulfstream jig is all that’s needed to catch pompano.

West coast fishing guide Capt. Bo Bartholomew of In the Loop Charters and his client, Brian Jones, proved that in March while fishing inside Boca Grande Pass.

Bartholomew saw fish milling around the shallows on an incoming tide and told Brian to cast the jig to a spot near a sea grass beds.

Jones cast a pink, 3/8-ounce Gulfstream Skimmer Jig into sandy potholes inside the pass on an incoming tide to catch three pompano.

The pink Skimmer Jig was tied to 20-pound fluorocarbon leader on a spinning rod rigged with 10-pound braided line.

Brian caught the pompano that day by simply casting the Skimmer Jig without any added shrimp or extra scent.

Capt. Bo submitted the photo showing Brian with one of the pompano to win Gulfstream’s Photo of the Month contest for March.

Nice job, Capt. Bo and Brian!

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