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Can be fished as topwater or subsurface lures. Easily customized. Comes in 12 pack.


The versatile CAL Shad Tail may be used in freshwater or saltwater fishing.


Any snook-a-haulic worth his or her salt will swear by the original Flair Hawk and its sister jig, the Skimmer Flair Hawk.


Imitates a small pinfish or perch. Hook on top and weight below makes the Tough Guy sit upright.


Holographic eyes and a super-flared tail make the Pro Flair Hawk a favorite jig for bridge anglers targeting snook.


AirHead's 5-inch long, wide profile body has a broad beaver tail and offers great flash and vibration.


A long lead head, forged hook and large eyes make the Deep Jig ideal for use in deep or fast-moving water.


Chrome Metal Body • #2 Tail Hook • #4 Belly Hook • 2 1/2 “ Long • 7/8 oz. • “R” Models have a Rattler • Bucktail Models have 2/0 Stainless Tail Hook


A flattened head and upright hook allow this popular snook jig to skim along the bottom with less chance of snagging.


The Pea Hawk has the profile of a small bait fish while it skims along the bottom to entice hard-striking peacock bass. Work the Pea Hawk along canal and lake…


A flat-bottomed head with an upright hook allows the Skimmer Jig to scoot along the bottom with less chance of snagging.


Double hooks and a flashy Mylar strip make this jig tempting to hard-striking kingfish.


Durable grubs with paddle tail to marry with jig heads.